Workflow Automation is the Future
of Property Management Industry.

BionicPM is a comprehensive Property Management automation system that puts your business on autopilot and gives you the power to grow to the next level of customer service and profitability.

BionicPM Workflow automates your property management business and gives you the advantage to lower operational costs and risks.

We created sophisticated, targeted workflows that can be customized to your business needs to gain competitive advantage and increase the productivity of remote and onsite workers.

In today’s property management industry if you are not automating your pre-move, accounting, and post-move processes, then you are running your business the old fashion way and missing out on the growth opportunity.

Why Property Management Companies use
BionicPM Workflow Automation Services?

BionicPM Proprietary Technology:

BionicPM has the proprietary technology that will directly link your property management software such as, Appfolio, Propertyware, Buildium, or Rent Manager without the need for a third-party software interface, like HubSpot or other CRM platforms that will incur additional costs.

Advantages of using BionicPM:

Time Saving

BionicPM automation will simplify the day-to-day repetitive tasks by letting BionicPM do them for you, gives workers time for more higher-value tasks

Standardize Operation

BionicPM automation follows a standard operating procedure, ensuring consistency in performing tasks to eliminate errors and reduce operation risks

Increase Accuracy

Manual processing increase possibility of errors also inconsistent, as there are chances of missing some steps. BionicPM Automation will eliminate those errors


BionicPM will automate and design your workflow that will integrate all of your business operation with your property management software without the use of third-party CRM platform

Oversight and Reporting

BionicPM provides on demand reports containing relevant information at specified intervals or after a triggered event so users don’t have to spend the time finding the information themselves.


No more spreadsheets and follow up calls, BionicPM will simplify any workflow operation, such as maintenance requests, moving in new tenant, adding new property and other tasks. Our platform will improve tenant satisfaction and lower your operation costs.

Lead To Lease Automation

BionicPM workflow process starts with tenant marketing, showing, application management, screening, underwriting, lease writing, follow up and move-in inspection. No more missing-out or delaying your work, this automated workflow will complete the tenant move-in process seamlessly.

Occupancy Automation

BionicPM Automates rent collection process and will trigger any payment delinquency, late fees and even will begin an eviction process workflow automatically with full accuracy Our workflow will initiate the rent renewal and/or move-out process, follow up and inspection until the unit is renewed or has a new tenant moved in.

Move-Out Automation

BionicPM Move-out automation workflow approach has end-to-end automated process that will capture all the small details with minimum efforts. Our workflow process starts with tenant marketing, showing, application management, screening, underwriting, lease writing, follow up and move-in inspection. No more missing-out or delaying your work, this automated workflow will complete the tenant move-in process seamlessly.

Maintenance Automation

No more spreadsheets and follow up calls for tenant maintenance requests, BionicPM will simplify the maintenance workflow operation, such as send a notifications to tenant after maintenance requests, assign vendors based on work request, notify tenants on their services status, eliminate follow up calls to vendors and streamline the updates on the active tasks.


Here are some examples of how BionicPM can help you with your business:

Rent Collection Workflow

We know from our current customers’ feedback that one of your biggest time consumers is calling on prospects, tenants, and owners. Be it for rent collection, rental applications, maintenance approvals, and everything else in between. These calls can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 25 minutes each, some tenants don’t answer and others will call you back, then you will need to find their files that can take more time.

Imagine that you are making hundreds or thousands of such calls every month. These minutes will add up to lost working hours and days every month for you or your staff; whether remote, onsite, or even your Virtual Assistant. It is clearly time consuming and costly.

Our system comes with a prescribed workflow, or, if you wish, will be built tailored to your business practice to automate those calls every month and save you up to 2 hours per day per staff member. That extra saved time can be used to service customers proactively and relieve your team from follow up calls and rent collection pressure.

Here is how it works: Let us take a simple example of calling for late rent payments. Our system will identify accounts that have not received the rent checks on a predetermined date. The system will automatically send out emails, text and/or prerecorded calls to remind the tenants to send the rent within the grace period given to the tenant. After the grace period expires and the rent has not been paid, a second notice will automatically go out to notify the tenant and inform the tenant of the rent delinquency and any fines or fees added to the rent payment. Based on your business practice, whether a third or more notices need to be sent before an eviction notice can be automatically sent out and notify you with the action. You do not need to do anything; our system will do the work for you.

At the same time, you don’t need to wait for the owner to call you to give him/her an update on the rent collection, you can proactively call him/her with an update or can automatically email him/her a weekly or monthly update.

They key here: manage your business proactively.

In summary, the Benefits:

You will have an automated approach to rent collection that will cut your overhead cost, increase rent collection revenue, and keep your owners’ churn rate down. Plus, you will have the transparency, accountability, and a much better visibility into your own operations. It is a win-win-win situation.

In summary, the Benefits:

BoinicPM automated process will eliminate manual data entry to avoid any mistakes or missing information of the new lease. Keep the process documented and completed on time. Plus, you will have the transparency, accountability, and a much better visibility into your own operations. It is a win-win-win situation.

Lease Renewals Workflow

We know from our current customers’ feedback that traditional way of renewing the lease is complicated manual process and requires multiple steps to close the deal.

The lease renewal is a process of communication between the tenant and the owner. The process starts with the owner interested in renewing the lease and with new terms. Then making sure the tenant also, interested in renewing the lease and willing to accept the new terms. All of this communication is done automatically via documented emails and text messages.

If one of the two parties are not interested in renewing the lease, then the move-out process will start.

If both parties are interested in renewing the lease, then the lease renewal process will start.

BoinicPM will automate the lease renewal and move-out process for you and keep you update with every step on the way.

The process is communicated via emails to be documented under one file for each unit and the records can be pulled for review at any time for reporting.

BoinicPM will create the new lease with the new terms and sent to the tenant for signature. Once the lease is signed, then BoinicPM will automatically initiate the automated inspection process for the new lease.


Will Gunadi

With 30 years of professional background in both Enterprise Software Development and spending the last decade keeping track of the Data Science field, Will continues to push the envelope in providing innovative and industry focused software solutions such as BionicPM, which covers the areas of Enterprise-level Visibility, Efficiency, and Growth. Will is based in Plano, Texas.

Cancan Gunadi

Architecting Enterprise-level software has been Cancan’s focus as the Chief Architect and the CTO of BionicPM. Along with supporting and enhancing products, Cancan continues to monitor the IT landscape to find systems to integrate, solving industry challenges one enterprise solution at a time. Cancan has a master’s degree in computer engineering.

Maher Safi

Maher Safi is an International Marketing Expert with over twenty-five years of experience in Digital Marketing, Sports Marketing, Consumer Goods, and Brand Management. Maher worked with fortune 100 companies in the United States, Europe, and Middle East, with brands, such as Pepsi Cola, Clorox, Coca Cola, Dial Corporation and Nielsen Research. In addition, Maher mentored several startups in Silicon Valley, Scandinavia, and Middle East where he shared his knowledge and created a successful track for their new ventures. Maher holds a master’s degree in international business from Walsh College and bachelor’s degree in business and economics from Wayne State University in Michigan.



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